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Recreating the ocean’s life cycle
Founded in Malaysia in August 2010 by Anuar Abdullah, Ocean Quest is the only Malaysian-based marine conservation organization that is functional internationally. Since it’s founding, Ocean Quest rapidly expanded from SE Asia to becoming global in 2017. Through thorough research Ocean Quest created its own techniques, methodology and material for coral reef rehabilitation. The Ocean Quest techniques are taught through a simplified education system that allows the public to take part in coral reef rehabilitation. The outcome of the efforts of Ocean Quest are shown in how much it is able to give back to the community and the environment.

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Get training

Are you already a diver or a dive professional? If yes, take a step forward and become a coral gardener. You have the chance to help in coral reef rehabilitation. Choose a training location and join the movement

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Raise awareness

Host an event for your organization. Educate and build your team. We have worked with school kids, in resorts, for either customers and staff, park rangers, community representatives, Dive centers, etc… Bring it to your community!

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Adopt a coral

Adopting a Coral means you will sponsor the rescue, re planting and growth of a coral. The adopted coral will have a tag with your desired name and you will receive 3 pictures of it at three different stages of growth. The perfect gift.