Adopt a Coral

contribute towards coral reef rehabilitation
This program is offered to individuals wishing to contribute to coral reef protection and rehabilitation. The “Adopt a Coral” program is ideal for those willing to contribute directly to our projects and can be used as a special gift to loved ones on special occasions like Christmas, birthdays or anniversaries!

How to adopt?

Adoption can be made through the adoption form on this website. Ocean Quest shall propagate a coral for each adoption and tag the broodstock to the name of the person. The individual may also wish to be anonymous by selecting the anonymous button on the web form.

How much does it cost?

Price for each adoption is USD 25. The adoption includes 2 pictures of the adopted coral with a Tag with the name of the adopting person and a short paragraph if you wish so.  We aim to plant and send the pictures in within 2 weeks after the adoption is done.

Type of Coral

Coral in this adoption plan is selected from rapid growing species which is expected to reach maturity within 36 month. The individual shall be informed when the coral colony reached maturity and ready for transplantation to the reefs.