Koh Lipe, Thailand

Reef Guardian

Koh Lipe is one of Thailand’s less touristy but up-and-coming islands, where you can enjoy the beach to yourself and not have to worry about the noise that comes with the more commercialized islands. In fact, this jungle-clad island is certainly one of the more pristine, laid-back Southern isles with quiet reggae music as its backdrop. The beauty of this island is plainly seen in it’s many isolated powdery beaches and secluded coves. If you decide to visit this island, prepare to step off of the ferry to utter paradise.

Thailands Highlight

Primitive Charm

Highlights —the main attraction of this island is certainly the sheer beauty of the place, from arching palm trees to countless (MPA) protected coral reefs. Tour one of the nearby islands—Ko Usen and Ko Kra, or go scuba diving or snorkeling.

Diving is the biggest excursion and source of tourism for the island along with its primitive charm. The three main dive sites for the island include Eight Mile Rock—a pelagic wonderland, Ko Sarang—a soft coral garden, and Stonehenge—where leopard sharks, soft coral and macro life are abundant.


Low-key, chaming and simple

Accommodation is much more low-key on Koh Lipe, with charming and simple beach cottages instead of high-rise resorts, similar to what one would expect on a smaller island. Bundhaya Resort is one of these quaint accommodations that allowed us to give Ocean Quest’s first coral propagation demonstration for REEF GUARDIAN and local dive shop representatives in Koh Lipe. We were grateful for the hospitality of this environmentally-conscious resort.