Coral Propagation Course

Developing Deeper Understanding

Corals are living organisms that is very sensitive to changes is its environment. Handling corals during restoration may cause undue stress to it that could lead to high rate of mortality. With proper training and guidelines, it could help increase success rate of coral rehabilitation and reduce damage due to mishandling of the organisms. The Ocean Quest Coral Propagation Course is a comprehensive module that is aimed at developing deeper understanding of the coral rehabilitation techniques. Higher level of knowledge on coral handling and broodstock extraction is taught in this course. Site preparation, equipment and monitoring methods is also included in the course.


Fundamental knowledge and training

The Ocean Quest – Coral propagation course in a comprehensive training program aimed at students that wish to be part of a long-term coral propagation project. It is an intermediate training course that includes techniques and ethical practices in coral propagation. Topics discussed in the course includes fundamental knowledge of corals, equipment, proper coral extraction and handling, substrates, and the coral propagation techniques. Upon completion of this course, you will be able to apply and be accepted in the Ocean Quest volunteer program. This course is also a transition course for those wishing to become a coral propagation trainer.

Entry Prerequisites

1. Anyone age 10 and above can participate in this program.

2. Certified open water diver with at least 20 dives.

3. For those who have not been diving for over 6 months, they are required to take the SCUBA refresher course before enrolling.

Duration and Activity

The coral propagation course is a 3-day intensive program. It includes a day of classroom presentation, quizzes, and knowledge reviews. On the second day the students will be doing 2 dives. In the first dive they will learn about coral extraction and handling. They will also collect the substrates for coral propagation. At the end of the first dive, they will gather for briefing and the coral propagation demonstration. On the morning of the third day the students will continue their knowledge reviews. The activity closes with a certification ceremony.

Workshop Fees

The fee for the course is $US 250.00 or equivalent in local currency. The fee includes:

1. Registration

2. Trainer’s professional fee

3. Facility charges

4. Materials (as listed)

5. 1 day of classroom presentation

6. 2 in-water sessions

7. 1 onshore demonstration

8. Certificate

Study Times

Immediately after enrollment, the student will be given the Guide to Coral Propagation” manual for them to begin reading. They are also required to find answers to all the quizzes at the end of every chapter in the manual. It is best to begin studying at least 3 days prior to the course.

Course Materials

The course materials include:

1. A pdf copy of the Guide to Coral Propagation Manual.

2. Nitrile gloves or latex gloves

3. Coral glue

4. Coral Catalyst

What You Need For The Workshop

You will need the following items for your safety and protection during the workshop:

1. Rash guard to protect you from the sun.

2. A hat or cap

3. Swimming attire

4. You will need to bring your own diving equipment or rent it from the affiliate center.


The coral propagation workshop is offered at all Ocean Quest affiliate centers worldwide. Be sure to check in our website or contact us by email to for further information.