Coral Rehabilitation Course

developing deeper understanding
Corals are living organisms that is very sensitive to changes is its environment. Handling corals during restoration may cause undue stress to it that could lead to high rate of mortality. With proper training and guidelines, it could help increase success rate of coral rehabilitation and reduce damage due to mishandling of the organisms. The Ocean Quest Coral Rehabilitation Course is a comprehensive module that is aimed at developing deeper understanding of the coral rehabilitation techniques. Higher level of knowledge on coral handling and broodstock extraction is taught in this course. Site preparation, equipment and monitoring methods is also included in the course.


Fundamental knowledge and training

The intent of the Ocean Quest Coral Rehabilitation course is to provide students with fundamental knowledge on corals and techniques like reef survey, substrate and brood stock collection, coral rehabilitation, and nursery site selection, building and monitoring.

After completion of this course students may participate in any of Ocean Quest’s ongoing Coral restoration projects, and be ready to respond in case of disaster.

This course is a prerequisite for those wishing to enroll in the Coral Rehabilitation Trainer Course.

Entry Prerequisites

Minimum Age: 12 and above

Minimum diving qualification for this course is Open Water Diver with minimum of 15 logged dives. Those with less number of dives or have not been diving for over six (6) month is required to do a preliminary dive assessment with the trainer prior to the course.

Non-diving students may enter the course after completion of the Coral Rehabilitation Workshop.


This course take three (3) days to complete. It includes a day of academic presentation and demonstration. 4 training dives.

Workshop Fees

The course fee for the Coral Rehabilitation Course is RM 850.00 (approximately USD 250) that includes:

1. Trainer’s Professional Fee

2. Student Kit

a. The Guide to Coral Rehabilitation Ebook

b. Document Case

c. Field Data Sheets

d. A50/EF28 Coral Catalyst (15ml)

e. Cyanoacrylate Gel Glue

f. Latex Gloves

g. Safety Glasses (for the duration of the course)

h. Certificate (upon successful completion of the course)

3. Use of Tools and Equipment for Coral Rehabilitation

4. Use of Monitoring Instruments

Students are asked to bring their own scuba diving material or rent it from their local dive center. Please get in touch with the dive center at which you intend to take the course in order to receive a comprehensive list of the diving expenses.

Non-diving student fee: RM 700.00 (approximately USD 200)

Progression of Training

The Ocean Coral Rehabilitation education system has three levels:

1. Coral Rehabilitation Workshop – this is a one day entry level workshop aimed at instilling basic knowledge of coral rehabilitation.

2. Coral Restoration Course – this is a three days comprehensive course for those wanting to start their own coral rehabilitation project at selected locations. (information in this page is all pertaining to this workshop)

3. Coral Rehabilitation Trainer Course – upon successful completion of this course the student is awarded teaching status which enable them to conduct workshops and certification courses.

Things You Will Learn

There are seven chapters in the coral rehabilitation course:

1. Introduction to Coral Rehabilitation

2. Corals

3. Substrates

4. Tools and Equipment for Coral Rehabilitation

5. Coral Rehabilitation Techniques

6. Monitoring Techniques for Coral Rehabilitation

Minimum Class Size

Minimum number of student required for this course is two (2).

Maximum allowable number of students per trainer is 1:8 (Academic) and 1:4 (Water Training).