Coral Rehabilitation Trainer Course

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The Ocean Quest Coral Rehabilitation Trainer course is a leadership certification which qualification entitles for a teaching status in the Ocean Quest Coral Education Programs. The trainers in this program shall be teaching the techniques and methodology of coral rehabilitation designed by Ocean Quest. The Coral Rehabilitation Techniques is known as the “Coral Gardening” course. It is a non scientific program that enables everybody to systematically learn how to rehabilitate corals and eventually create broad scaled restoration of damaged coral reefs. The purpose of this education system is to ensure correct handling of corals and to minimize impact to the coral reef in the processes of restoration.

Roles and Duties

Become our link with your local community

Like all educators the Ocean Quest Coral Rehabilitation Trainers are our link to the community and our guardian for the marine environment. This is reflected in our Trainer’s Code of Ethics. Selected trainers shall be trained further to pursue higher levels that enables them to train other trainers. These qualities are the strength of all our trainers. Besides restoring coral reefs through education the role of Ocean Quest Trainers are learning and understanding the dynamics of local communities. This in turn will lead to solution finding for conservation. The Ocean Quest trainer represents Ocean Quest in our bid to save the coral reefs in a non conflicting approach. This means the trainer shall continually find ways that benefits the community from what they are doing.

Entry Prerequisites

To enroll in the Ocean Quest CPP Trainer Level 1 course the candidate must meet the following requirements:

– Minimum certification level: (1) Divemaster in scuba diving or (2) Instructor in freediving + open water certification in scuba diving.

– A certified first aider (EFR) or equivalent


The Ocean Quest CPP Trainer Level 1 course shall take four (4) days to complete. In this duration the course is divided into two parts:

Academic Part There are six chapters in the Ocean Quest Coral Rehabilitation Guidebook with Quizzes to complete. The Academic hours to complete the academic part is eight (8) hours inclusive of knowledge reviews. The academic part is divided into four sessions. Each session lasts two hours. The sessions are spread over the 2 days period with the remaining time spent on;
Practical Part: There are two segments of the practical parts of the Ocean Quest CPP Trainer Level 1 course;

Shore Segment This part of the practical training involves the processes involved in coral rehabilitation. This segment shall take four (4) hours to complete. The training is divided into two sessions of two hours each, spread over the third and fourth days of the course.

Diving Segment There are four (4) scheduled coral rehabilitation training dives in the Ocean Quest CPP Trainer Level 1 Course. Each dive carries specific course objective. The Ocean Quest CPP Trainer candidate is required to meet all the course objectives.

Course Fees

The course fee for the Coral Restoration Trainer Course is  USD 500, the trainer candidates shall receive:

1. A complete PDF documentations and Manuals:

  • Guide to Coral Rehabilitation Manual
  • Coral Nursery Development and Management Manual
  • Ocean Quest / Sea Shepherd Dive – Trainer Manual
  • Course Outlines


2. A complete Ocean Quest education video package that includes:

  • Coral Rehabilitation Workshop Video (set of 2)
  • Coral Rehabilitation Course Video (set of 5)
  • Coral Reef Rehabilitation System Video (1 video)
  • Coral Rehabilitation Workshop Promotional Kit


The course is taught by a Ocean Quest Global qualified Instructor  Trainer

Students are asked to bring their own scuba diving material or rent it from their local dive center. Please get in touch with the dive center at which you intend to take the course in order to receive a comprehensive list of the diving expenses.

Progression of Training

The Ocean Coral Rehabilitation education system has three levels:

1. Coral Rehabilitation Workshop – this is a one day entry level workshop aimed at instilling basic knowledge of coral rehabilitation.

2. Coral Restoration Course – this is a three days comprehensive course for those wanting to start their own coral rehabilitation project at selected locations. (information in this page is all pertaining to this workshop)

3. Coral Rehabilitation Trainer Course – upon successful completion of this course the student is awarded teaching status which enable them to conduct workshops and certification courses. (information in this page is all pertaining to this course)

Things you will learn

Introduction to Coral Rehabilitation This subject covers the general aspects of coral rehabilitation, its benefits and preliminary steps.

Corals This subject covers the fundamental of coral anatomy, forms, feeding and reproduction behaviors.

Coral Rehabilitation Tools, Materials and Equipment This subject outlines the equipment requirements of coral rehabilitation.

Broodstock Collection, Extraction and Handling This subject explains the techniques of coral collection for rehabilitation purposes.

Substrate This subject explains the techniques of substrate selection and preparation for purpose of coral rehabilitation.

Coral Rehabilitation Techniques This subject covers the process of coral rehabilitation.

Qualification of the Coral Rehabilitation Trainer

Upon completion of the trainer course, the new Ocean Quest / Sea Shepherd Dive trainer is qualified to teach coral rehabilitation workshop and coral rehabilitation course.

Capacity of CPP Level 1 Trainers

Upon completion of the course the CPP Level 1 Trainer is qualified to:

Conduct Ocean Quest Coral rehabilitation workshops. Ocean Quest Coral rehabilitation workshops are limited to the outlines set forth in the Ocean Quest Trainer’s outline.

Assist in team teaching of larger groups in the Ocean Quest coral rehabilitation programs.

To increase their capacity and qualify to conduct Ocean Quest Coral Rehabilitation Programs with larger groups and corporate program the Ocean Quest CPP Level 1 Trainer is recommended to enter the Ocean Quest CPP Trainer Level 2 course.