Coral Propagation Trainer Course

Start teaching coral conservation

The Ocean Quest coral propagation trainer is the professional-level certification course. Upon completion of this course the student will be awarded the Ocean Quest Trainer rating. This qualification allows the graduates to conduct the Ocean Quest coral propagation course and workshops.

Roles and Duties

Become our link with your local community

Like all educators the Ocean Quest Coral Propagation Trainers are our link to the community and our guardian for the marine environment. This is reflected in our Trainer’s Code of Ethics. Selected trainers shall be trained further to pursue higher levels that enables them to train other trainers. These qualities are the strength of all our trainers. Besides restoring coral reefs through education the role of Ocean Quest Trainers are learning and understanding the dynamics of local communities. This in turn will lead to solution finding for conservation. The Ocean Quest trainer represents Ocean Quest in our bid to save the coral reefs in a non conflicting and fully organic approach. This means the trainer shall continually find ways that benefits the community from what they are doing.

Entry Prerequisites

The student enrolling in the Ocean Quest – Coral Propagation Trainer course must:

1. Be a certified dive professional with a minimum rating of Dive Master from one of the following Ocean Quest recognized certifying agencies:

    1. Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI)
    2. National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI)
    3. World Diving Federation (CMAS)
    4. Scuba School International (SSI)
    5. British Sub-Aqua Club (BSAC)

Dive professionals from agencies other than the agencies listed above can apply by writing to Ocean Quest Global before they can enroll in the coral propagation trainer course.

2. Have completed the Ocean Quest coral propagation course.

3. Completed and submit the medical assessment form provided by Ocean Quest Global

Course Duration

The Ocean Quest coral propagation trainer course take 3 days to complete:

1. Day 1 – Registration (see details below), Classroom presentation, Video presentation, Q&A

2. Day 2 – In-water sessions including teaching demonstrations on coral extraction, coral handling, and propagation techniques

3. Day 3 – Classroom session (Standards and Policy), Trainer examination


All candidates enrolled in the trainer course will receive a pre-study kit. They are required to study all the materials and answer all the quizzes. Therefore, it is best to enroll at least one week ahead of the trainer course. This allows enough time for the student to study.

Prior to the Course

1. Upon confirmation of the course, you are required to put a 50 USD deposit to the Ocean Quest affiliate center, with this deposit you will receive a pdf manual that you are required to study and answer all quizzes.

2. You will also receive the course information sheet together with the manual.

3. Once you have completed your self-study and you are ready to enter the course you are required to inform your trainer and ask for the next location of the available trainer course.

4. You are required to provide confirmation at least one weeks before the course. This will allow time for the Instructor Trainers to prepare materials or make necessary changes for the upcoming course.

Registration and Enrolment in the Course

Day 1 of the Course

During the registration of the course, you will need:

  1. Have some writing material for taking note
  2. A hard disk drive with at least 60GB of space for storing teaching materials and videos
  3. Warm clothes (if the class is held in Air-conditioned room)
  4. Your picture in Jpg Format for your certification e-card
  5. Money for the course fee
  6. Complete and sign the student learning agreement form

During the Course

1. You may need your own diving equipment (if you did not have one, you may be required to rent it) (This cost is not included in your Trainer course fee, please check with your instructor trainer prior to the course).

2. Some diving centers are affiliated with Ocean Quest Global / Sea Shepherd Dive. They, in their own initiative let you use their tank, weights and facility at no cost. However, there are courses conducted through diving centers that is not affiliated with Ocean Quest. These dive centers may charge a minimum fee for use of their tanks and facility. Please check with your Instructor Trainer prior to enrolling in the course.

Upon Completion of the Course

Before completion of the course, you must ensure that you have received all the necessary materials to start your career as the Ocean Quest coral propagation trainer. The list of materials is listed below:

1. Complete PDF package containing:

1. Guide to Coral Propagation Manual (pre-study material)
2. Nursery Development and Management Manual
3. Ocean Quest / Sea Shepherd Dive Trainer Manual

2. Training Videos containing:

1. Coral propagation workshop video (3 videos)
2. Coral propagation course video (6 videos)
3. Nursery development and management video (8 videos)
4. Coral reef rehabilitation video (1 video)
5. Coral Transplantation video (1 video)

3. Trainer kit:

    1. Artwork (Ocean Quest logo)
    2. Promotional Materials (Ocean Quest Posters)
    3. Certificates in PDF (Workshop Certificate and Coral Propagation Course Certificate)

Upon completion of your course, you must ensure that all the necessary information for your certification is complete and submitted to the Instructor Trainer. This information is:

  1. A photograph of yourself (jpg)
  2. Your full name as you want in the certificate and your e-card
  3. Your email address
  4. Your mobile number

Course Fee

The Ocean Quest – Coral Propagation Trainer course fee is US$ 500. This fee is paid to your Instructor Trainer prior to the course. Before paying, your instructor trainer will require you to fill and sign the student learning agreement form. You instructor trainer will assist you in completing the form. After paying, please ensure that your instructor trainer provide you with a receipt.

Course Syllabus

1. Coral Propagation:

Chapter 1 – Introduction to Coral Propagation
Chapter 2 – Knowledge of corals
Chapter 3 – Tools and equipment for coral propagation
Chapter 4 – Coral extraction and handling techniques
Chapter 5 – Substrates
Chapter 6 – Coral propagation techniques

 2. Coral Nursery Development and Management

Part 1 – Introduction to Coral Nursery Development
Part 2 – Types of Coral Nursery
Part 3 – Site Selection
Part 4 – Constructing the Coral Nursery
Part 5 – Planting Strategy
Part 6 – Operating Protocol at Coral Nursery
Part 7 – Organization in the Coral Nursery
Part 8 – Coral Nursery Monitoring

3. Coral Rehabilitation System:

Part 1 – Coral Rescue Concepts and Approach
Part 2 – Coral Propagation
Part 3 – Nursery Development
Part 4 – Coral Transplantation
Part 5 – Coral reef management

4. Coral Transplantation

Part 1 – Assessments of reefs requiring rehabilitation
Part 2 – Selecting corals for transplantation
Part 3 – Transplantation protocol
Part 4 – Transplantation technique
Part 5 – Post transplantation monitoring

5. Instructing Coral Propagation

1. Enrolling and registering students
2. Instructing the Coral Propagation Workshop
3. Instructing the Coral Propagation Course
4. Progressing and becoming the Instructor Trainer

6. Career Development in Conservation

    1. Living concepts of conservationists
    2. Self-sustainability as conservationist
    3. Future of the green concepts
    4. Prospects as a Coral Propagation Trainer
    5. Working with affiliate centers