Coral Propagation Workshop

A one day program intended to show simple techniques of coral rehabilitation.

The Ocean Quest – Coral Propagation Workshop is also an introductory training program for those wishing to learn about the processes in an organic coral propagation system. This workshop is a one-day hands-on training experience which is pack with knowledge and fun to participate. Anyone wishing to learn coral propagation should begin by enrolling in this workshop. By the end of this workshop, you will be able to propagate corals is the most organic approach using the Ocean Quest method. This program is also ideal for those wishing to get started in coral reef rehabilitation.


The foundation of coral gardening

The processes introduced in this workshop are similar to those when human discover planting ten thousand year ago; but this time it is corals. By simplifying the information and teaching the crucial processes of coral rehabilitation is similar to teaching gardening. Instead of teaching a person to become a marine biologist that could consume great amount of time, energy and resources; we teach people the gardening process which is quicker and more effective in addressing the current rate of destruction of the coral reefs.

Why need this workshop when people can just go and do it? The answer is similar to gardening. Everyone can plant seeds and wait for the plant to grow. Rate of success differs from one gardener to the next as techniques, maintenance and knowledge are. This workshop helps point out the important procedures that lessen stress in the corals and give directions on its monitoring and care. By equipping a person with knowledge and experience the results is better and more consistent among the coral propagators. This simple yet effective education system enables Ocean Quest to recruit larger number of people and achieve broad scaled coral restoration.

Entry Prerequisites

1. Anyone age 10 and above can participate in this program
2. Able to swim
3. Some diving or snorkeling experience is an added advantage

Duration and Activity

The coral propagation workshop is a 1-day intensive program. It includes a short video session, activity briefing and followed by the coral propagation demonstration. These sessions will begin in the morning with registration and a video presentation. Then the participants get to prepare the tools and equipment for the coral propagation. Once the preparation is complete, the participants is taken for a tour of the reef while looking for damaged or broken corals (snorkeling of scuba diving). A lunch break is scheduled at noon.

The second session of the day begins late afternoon when the sun is not too warm for the corals. In the second session the participants are shown the propagation techniques and the coral nursery. The activity closes with a certification ceremony.

Workshop Fees

The fee for the workshop is $US 100.00 or equivalent in local currency. The fee includes:

1. Registration
2. Trainer’s professional fee
3. Facility charges
4. Materials (as listed)
5. 1 video presentation
6. 2 in-water snorkeling session
7. If you opt to dive during the program, there will be additional rental charges for equipment and/or SCUBA cylinder.

Diving Options

This workshop is designed to be universally available to all. Therefore, scuba diving is an optional part of the program. If you are a certified diver and has met the requirements of Ocean Quest to participate in the underwater session, you can choose this option. However, you will need to bring your own equipment of rent one from the affiliate center. Diving equipment and SCUBA cylinder rental is not included in the program. If you have chosen to dive during the program, it is your responsibility to rent these items.

Program Materials

The workshop materials include:

1. A pdf copy of the coral propagation workshop handbook.
2. Nitrile gloves or latex gloves
3. Coral glue
4. Coral Catalyst

What You Need For The Workshop

You will need the following items for your safety and protection during the workshop:

1. Rash guard to protect you from the sun.
2. A hat or cap
3. Swimming attire
4. Snorkeling gear (if you have, if not you can rent from the affiliate center)
5. If you are a certified diver, you will need to bring your own diving equipment or rent it from the affiliate center.


The coral propagation workshop is offered at all Ocean Quest affiliate centers worldwide. Be sure to check in our website or contact us by email to for further information.