Training programs

The three levels of Ocean Quest's education System.

1. Coral Rehabilitation Workshop – this is a one day entry level workshop aimed at instilling basic knowledge of coral rehabilitation.

2. Coral Rehabilitation Course – this is a three days comprehensive course for those wanting to start their own or join coral rehabilitation projects at selected locations.

3. Coral Rehabilitation Trainer Course – upon successful completion of this course the student is awarded Teaching Status which enables them to conduct workshops and certification courses.

This short coral gardening workshop is the most popular program for corporate events and CSR programs. It is an introductory level training program that teaches the participants basic techniques of Coral Rehabilitation. It is intended to educate the public in coral rehabilitation for the purpose of broad scaled coral rehabilitation. Scientific information and findings are transferred into a simplified education system suitable for coastal communities and tropical islands. By increasing the population of people knowledgeable about coral rehabilitation it is possible to make restoration work on larger scale and more systematic way. The program is also suitable for resorts and dive centers that wishes to include conservation elements as part of their eco-education product.

develop deeper understanding and join the movement

Corals are living organisms that is very sensitive to changes is its environment. Handling corals during restoration may cause undue stress to it that could lead to high rate of mortality. With proper training and guidelines, one of the intents of this course is to help increase success rate of coral rehabilitation and reduce damage due to mishandling of the organisms. The Ocean Quest Coral Rehabilitation Course is a comprehensive module that is aimed at developing deeper understanding of the coral rehabilitation techniques. Higher level of knowledge on coral handling and broodstock extraction is taught in this course. Site preparation, equipment and monitoring methods, advocacy and awareness are also included in the course.This course is a prerequisite for those wishing to enroll in the Coral Rehabilitation Trainer Course.

Teach coral conservation

Like all educators the Ocean Quest Coral Rehabilitation Trainers are our link to the community and our guardian for the marine environment. This is reflected in our Trainer’s Code of Ethics. Selected trainers shall be trained further to pursue higher levels that enables them to train other trainers. These qualities are the strength of all our trainers. Besides restoring coral reefs through education the role of Ocean Quest Trainers are learning and understanding the dynamics of local communities. This in turn will lead to solution finding for conservation. The Ocean Quest trainer represents Ocean Quest in our bid to save the coral reefs in a non conflicting approach. This means the trainer shall continually find ways that benefits the community from what they are doing.