Ocean Quest

Coral Nursery system

When it comes to the set up of a coral nursery, Ocean Quest Global is very precise and considerate when choosing the location. There are many factors influencing the overall success of a coral nursery. Several underwater surveys need to be conducted to find a suitable site; composition of the seafloor, incoming tides, wave action, anthropogenic activities, boat traffic, frequency of visitors as well as the water quality. Corals are very sensitive when it comes to changes in environmental conditions and require certain nutrients and elements to be able to grow. If the conditions are not accurate to set up a nursery Ocean Quest will either look for another site or will not establish a nursery at all, as it might not ensure success.

Koh Tao, Thailand

The Dive training world's capital

Koh Tao is currently Sea Shepherd Dive’s newest coral nursery addition, but despite it’s recent procreation, Ocean Republic is one of our top contributors teaching coral courses and promoting SSD. In fact, it is almost impossible to go somewhere on the island without seeing an Ocean Republic / SSD t-shirt, or some sort of Sea Shepherd sign—it’s a beautiful thing. The coral nursery here is in a prime location, straight out from the beach, making shore access possible and coral propagation incredibly easy.

Pulau Kapas, Malaysia

Ocean Quest's main training and research location

Pulau Kapas in Malaysia is the main coral nursery of Ocean Quest Global. The site covers a total of 30.000m2 given by the State Government for coral reef rehabilitation purposes. Set up in 2015, it is the biggest of all nurseries so far and a lot of new research in coral propagation has happened there. The set up of this nursery can be seen as the ideal model. Shore entry, shallow set up, excluded from any boat traffic or tourist activities, perfect abiotic conditions and water quality, makes the growth of the coral a complete success.

Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

A rehabilitation project in partnership with National Park

We created our first SSD coral nursery here in June 2016 along with Phi Phi’s first Coral Propagation Trainer Course. Since then, we have had two more trainer courses and many Coral Propagation Courses and Workshops. In fact, Princess Divers is one of our partners that makes coral propagation a part of their Divemaster Internship, ensuring their divers are equally equipped to protect the ocean as they are to lead dive excursions for tourists.

Moyo Island, Indonesia

Amanwana Resort

After the 2016 bleaching episode occurred at the reefs in Pulau Moyo, and the start of Ocean Quest restoration Project at the location, Ocean Quest has always at least One Coral propagation trainer at the location to continue with Ocean Quest’s line of work.

Pattaya, Thailand

First Ocean Quest's nurseries in Thailand

Ran by Instructor Trainer Todd Applegate, there are nurseries around several locations around the reefs of Pattaya. This has also been a platform for trainer development and community events for Ocean Quest Thailand. The location holds a high concentration of tourists, making coral propagation an important activity to counter degradation.

Ao Nang, Thailand

Project Abroad joins the movement!

Project Abroad has been conducting volunteer ship programs that so far included reef survey and other Ocean conservancy related activities. After the coral propagation workshop held by Ocean Quest and Thai National Park in Ao Nang, Thailand in 2016, they decided to include coral propagation in their programs and run their own nursery projects.