Sea Shepherd

Defend ocean wildlife

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society was formed in 1977 by Captain Paul Watson, a world-renowned leader in environmental issues and co-founder of Greenpeace. The organisation’s aim was to take direct-action against illegal operators that were destroying the marine biodiversity of the world’s oceans. In its early years the relatively small organisation made big waves challenging Soviet whalers in the Pacific, opposing the seal slaughters in Canada and chasing illegal foreign fishing vessels fro the Grand Banks… Today, Sea Shepherd has grown into a global movement, and now has eight vessels operating around the world.

Sea Shepherd Dive

Defend, conserve, protect

Sea Shepherd Dive is currently a campaign of the internationally renowned Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Sea Shepherd Dive affiliated businesses get the right to teach Ocean Quest courses and develop coral restoration projects using our methodology. Through the Sea Shepherd Dive website, divers can report environmental crimes they witness.


Center for Marine & Coastal Study

Collaboration between us and CEMACS is on the basis of establishing a platform for captive study of corals at their laboratory in Muka Head, Penang. At this facility student researcher conduct studies on several aspect of coral observed in specimen tanks. The role of Ocean Quest is extraction, set up and assist in coral husbandry processes. Providing expertise learned in coral breeding to help with the studies at the laboratory.

Reef Guardian

Protect Thailand's coral reefs

Reef Guardian Thailand is a community organization dedicated to protecting our reefs. They work with the Thailand National Park and several other like-minded organizations to preserve reefs and ensure they stay pristine. They also do very practical things for Thai local communities to bring sustainability, like installing buoys and mooring lines and organizing community-wide coastline cleanups.

Ikatere (France)

Empowering the next generation

Ikatere (France) is a society that promotes marine conservation in Southeast Asia. Ikatere (France) is officially Ocean Quest partner through their support and collaboration in volunteerism and the Ocean Quest “Adopt a Reef” program. Ikatere (France) collaborates in the operations at Pulau Gelok (Malaysia) and Panglao (Philippines).