Pattaya, Thailand

Ocean Quest's first coral nurseries in Thailand

Coral propagation through the methodology of Ocean Quest is a cost effective and an easy-to-understand way to rehabilitate coral reefs, where coral are declining due to various factors of natural and anthropogenic threats.

Coral reefs are an important and unique ecosystem that is self-sustaining and provides unlimited resources to us. They play a crucial role in the tropical marine Environment through it’s contribution in the Food chain, it’s reef building capacity and it’s function in the carbon cycle.

Coral propagation

Creating food producers for the ocean

One way to counteract and save what is left from this invaluable ecosystem is to rehabilitate coral reefs through coral propagation. Prior to this program coral Rehabilitation was limited to only experts and marine biologists. However, Ocean Quest holds the vision that everyone can propagate coral and that makes them able to rehablitate coral reefs. Artifical reefs of manmade structure cannot achieve  sustainability, as they are not Food Producers for reef organism and cannot duplicate the role of the function of a coral reef in the marine ecosystem.

Our method

The natural way

A lot of marince convervation Projects do more damage than conservation and abandoned articifal reefs turn into pollution. Thus, coral reef rehabilitatiom Needs to be happening in the most natural way as possible. By propagating corals we can creat a naturally growing habitat that is self-sustaining for all marine organism which inhabits coral reefs to become a source of sustenance as well as shelter for ist inhabitants in the near future and continues to support the livelihood of people depending on it.