Pulau Kapas, Malaysia

Aqua Sport Divers

Pulau Kapas in Malaysia is the main coral nursery of Ocean Quest Global. The site covers a total of 30.000m2 given by the State Government for coral reef rehabilitation purposes. Set up in 2015, it is the biggest of all nurseries so far and a lot of new research in coral propagation has happened there. The set up of this nursery can be seen as the ideal model. Shore entry, shallow set up, excluded from any boat traffic or tourist activities, perfect abiotic conditions and water quality, makes the growth of the coral a complete success.

Relax and plant corals

Protecting the Local Reefs

As Aqua Sports Terengganu is the only dive centre on the island, it’s an easy choice and zero-hassle decision where to book some scuba diving. Having the status as the only dive shop on the island paired with the fact that Aqua Sports is dedicated to protecting their reefs through partnership with Sea Shepherd Dive, is really good news for the island’s reefs. When the dive industry understands that its livelihood relies on taking care of the ocean, everybody wins, tourism and the planet. To take part in the coral restoration efforts in Kapas, take a course with us, or simply stop by to learn about coral propagation and maybe even assist one of our trainers. This hands-on coral conservation and restoration opportunity is simply something one cannot find anywhere else apart from our other SSD locations.


Ocean Quest’s coral propagation method is unlike many others as it is both natural and sustainable. This method includes five basic steps: 1) rescue, 2) propagation, 3) management, 4) transplantation, 5) management. The nurseries provide training for each of these steps as well as separate nurseries for both quarantine for recuperating corals and another for healthy, thriving corals. Marine life is vast, ranging from multicolor giant clams to cuttlefish. The diving off of Pulau Kapas not only has something for everyone, but it is easily accessed through shore diving, making it an ideal location for coral propagation where the nursery is located steps from the shore.