Pulau Moyo, Indonesia

Amanwana Resort reef rehabilitation

AMANWANA is a luxury resort that lies inside a bay on the western fringe of Pulau Moyo, Sumbawa NTB, Indonesia. At the beginning of 2016 Ocean Quest Global Global and AMANWANA implemented a coral reef rehabilitation project with trainings in coral propagation and the possibility to set up a coral nursery in April 2016.

Counter bleaching

A long term rehabilitation project

The coral reef of Pulau Moyo and the outer reef system is rich and diverse. Since January 2016 coral bleaching has been observed at Pulau Moyo and conditions of bleaching gradually worsens as observed in April 2016. Thus, Ocean Quest Global and the management of AMANAWANA have decided to start the first volunteer coral propagation project. Volunteers certified as Ocean Quest/ Sea Shepherd Dive Trainer can be part of that CSR project and stay on a monthly basis to work and maintain the current coral nurseries.

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